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This little gem from TROPHY SCARS takes me back a couple years. I toured with these guys back when I played in my old metal band for two months straight and had a fucking blast with them(minus hitting black ice and almost jackknifing our trailer in Minnesota). This was one of my favorite tours and I’m stoked to still know these dudes. This song was always the anthem that you would see everyone singing on tour with a catchy chorus that related to many of us. I just wish i could find the damn polaroid photos from then. Jerry Jones and I had a few laughs throughout them all.

Side note: You can definitely tell that they love the shit out of Tom Waits.

“I remember when we were just sixteen and dreaming
Drinking in the basement just shouting and screaming
Listening to our favorite records all while thinking
Someday we’re gonna be there on stage all singing
Remember breaking hearts and getting hearts broken
Lying to our parents about what we were smoking
Solving all our problems with bottles and women
Even though we knew we were better without them”


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  1. we certainly had some luffs.

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