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Been working almost 60 hours a week! Sorry for lack of posts. Ronnie and Blackshaw from  Ace Metric are throwing a trick jam, big money hustlazzzzz premiere and a benefit for our wonderful friend Jeremy Adams that we recently lost. So whether you want to pay your respects, watch a sweet movie, or bust your ass and drink locally brewed beer… head on over to Ace Metric in Winter park, FL.


link to the event:

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This little gem from TROPHY SCARS takes me back a couple years. I toured with these guys back when I played in my old metal band for two months straight and had a fucking blast with them(minus hitting black ice and almost jackknifing our trailer in Minnesota). This was one of my favorite tours and I’m stoked to still know these dudes. This song was always the anthem that you would see everyone singing on tour with a catchy chorus that related to many of us. I just wish i could find the damn polaroid photos from then. Jerry Jones and I had a few laughs throughout them all.

Side note: You can definitely tell that they love the shit out of Tom Waits.

“I remember when we were just sixteen and dreaming
Drinking in the basement just shouting and screaming
Listening to our favorite records all while thinking
Someday we’re gonna be there on stage all singing
Remember breaking hearts and getting hearts broken
Lying to our parents about what we were smoking
Solving all our problems with bottles and women
Even though we knew we were better without them”

Do you like skiing? snowboarding? EXTREME ADVENTURES?(yes capslock required for this)

This video is beyond amazing and really showcases the skill required to pull something like this off, even if it just so happened to be an accident. I would be screaming “fuck yes” and what not constantly on my way down. Cheers to you both for beating an avalanche and laughing about it afterwards. One day I’ll have enough jumps under my belt to jump off whatever it is I feel like.

Forgot to post this when Ronnie finished it.

Fiends X TTV : Ronnie from Ronnie on Vimeo.

This song is still to this day one of my favorite songs of all time, and (drumroll) its fucking ska! Real rocksteady ska, not some forged brass band that formed after they realized their path is the black and white checkered lifestyle. The Slackers have been slaying the rocksteady airwaves for 20 years as of 2011, and seem to not be going anywhere else anytime soon. Very awesome video with lots of cool shots in New York City. Heres to the 90’s!

Our most radical Ronnie aka smokestacks headed over to Milwaukee for the 2nd annual Midwest Mayhem to ride, cause a ruckus, and to document the event for both FIENDS and our Austin brothren PROLLYISNOTPROBABLY. Looked like a blast and definitely look forward to this month as we’re going to be pumping shit out left and right for you world wide web dwellers. Enjoy.

LaMarche for the win! SLΔY SHIT ALL DAY!

Red Fang’s upbeat, but yet heavy riffs have brought them to release a new music video. Featuring some of our favorite past times and activities… breaking shit. If you’ve been sleeping under a rock, These dudes released a video a while for their song “Prehistoric dog” that you can view here

Up next after that is this little white girl from Oakland, California that everyone has been mobbin about. To be honest, this song is catchy and i’m pretty into it, but her other stuff is mehhhh. Hopefully she picks up the pace and starts throwing shit up at the ceiling fan.

Finally got the hang of editing my own videos and put together some flip cam footage from our trip to brazil. Can’t wait to get a newer camera to replace the one that got stolen.

So my brothers down south, Burro Bags opened up a brand spanking new bar in Jacksonville, Florida. I couldn’t be happier for them as this is something that they’ve been talking to me about for quite sometime. Jack, Dunn, and the rest of the crew have been busting their ass to get this thing lifted(you know it), and they had what looked like an awesome grand opening party to celebrate it accompanying our bike clubs annual “Bury Your Bike” weekend. This year was the 4th installment which I was bummed about missing but I certainly can’t wait to bring the 808 and my band down there soon. So if your’e in the neighborhood and want to grab a drink from one of the 28 beers on tap, head over to 100 E Adams St in downtown Jacksonville for a guaranteed good time. I definitely smell a tour that will be stopping by this fun machine.

My mind is blown right now. So many funny faces and hilarious bullshit in this. I hope that I really don’t have to wait another 25 years to watch “part 3”.