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Finally got the hang of editing my own videos and put together some flip cam footage from our trip to brazil. Can’t wait to get a newer camera to replace the one that got stolen.


So my brothers down south, Burro Bags opened up a brand spanking new bar in Jacksonville, Florida. I couldn’t be happier for them as this is something that they’ve been talking to me about for quite sometime. Jack, Dunn, and the rest of the crew have been busting their ass to get this thing lifted(you know it), and they had what looked like an awesome grand opening party to celebrate it accompanying our bike clubs annual “Bury Your Bike” weekend. This year was the 4th installment which I was bummed about missing but I certainly can’t wait to bring the 808 and my band down there soon. So if your’e in the neighborhood and want to grab a drink from one of the 28 beers on tap, head over to 100 E Adams St in downtown Jacksonville for a guaranteed good time. I definitely smell a tour that will be stopping by this fun machine.

My mind is blown right now. So many funny faces and hilarious bullshit in this. I hope that I really don’t have to wait another 25 years to watch “part 3”.

Shout outs to all the rad moms I know and around the world, especially my super awesome madre. She liked Iggy pop before you did, she was a wild free spirit that is probably the reason why i listen to such ridiculous shit and have the urge to constantly travel the world. cheers to you.

and a video to go with it. If you don’t know, now you fucking do.

Our boy Ricky Bates from the dirty south slaying shit. SSΔD!

Everyone having a blast on one of the best new years I’ve ever had.

Unfortunately, I only got to hang out with Carl a handful of times, awaiting his return to NYC for summer bbqs and more human jenga stacking games. His attitude and humor was one not to miss. My thoughts are with his family and friends all over. Please repost whatever you can in hopes of catching the hit and run suspect. They need to be caught.

“Early this morning Carl Hedrick was riding his bike here in Charlotte, NC and was hit by a car that fled the scene. I’m posting here on FB for all his friends. For his NYC crew. Carl spoke highly of all of you and I feel like I know many of you and he was truly excited to be coming “home” next week. If you want to contact me, please friend me on FB. Once arrangements are made, I will post here as well.”
– Joni (Carl’s Mom)

more info at Boda, Boda.
News link to story here

Holy shit, I can’t even begin to tell you the things I’ve been through for a website. I finally broke down and read a bunch of codes, got familiar with flash, and decided to do it myself. This is the result and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. Simple, straight to the point and finished. Something i’ve waited for nearly 2 years to accomplish, so go ahead and start clicking and enjoying! With that said, lots of things are in the works, just in time for this beautiful weather outside.


side note: Despite 6 flights in 5 days, Brazil was the most beautiful place i’d ever been to and I can’t wait to go back again. In the mean time, I’m off to Mexico this Wednesday with The Misfits for a couple shows. I’ve been holding myself off of mexican food until I get there. It will be a food marathon of tacos, burritos, nachos, and high fives.

I’ll be uploading pictures from Brazil shortly, but for now… Obrigado!!! (Thank you in Portugese)

Misfits playing a 24 hour street festival in Sao Paulo for easily 80,000 people.

An old friend of Joey Ramone took us on a tour of Rio de Janeiro with some breathtaking views.

Saying goodbye to Rio with one last shot on my camera phone from the plane.

Reminds me of riding the China town bus to NY. I was always afraid something like this would happen.

Quicky from Ronnie on Vimeo.